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How to change the drive where Google Drive stores cached files?

In order to change the drive where Google Drive stores the cache files

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Meet Google Drive

Using Google Drive allows easy and secure access to content. Store, share and jointly edit files and folders from any mobile phone, tablet or computer

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Using Google Drive on the desktop

Why do we recommend switching to using Google Drive on the desktop? For the reason that working with a virtual drive is the same as working with a normal drive, as you have been used to until now.

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Management files on Desktop

After years of experience, we recommend our catalog method, which is the most correct method for the job.

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Creating and managing image selection galleries

Photographers, now it's much easier than ever to send us orders and let your customers choose photos, all in one place. All you have to do to make everything work smoothly and simply is to manage the storage and sharing of your events using Google Drive.

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Image selection management-Pixelect

After you have created the order, everything should proceed automatically, but there are still customers who will pester you with requests for changes. For this we have established for you the image selection management - Pixelect for the stage after creating the order.

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Product management and tags

In addition to our regular services, your customers will be able to choose photos for additional products such as enlargements, printable photos, pocket albums and more. You can also create tags and associate them with perspective services and the additional products you create.

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Pixelect settings when creating a new order

After adding a Google Drive link in the order, it will be possible to define products and tags for the project itself. Any editing of a product or service will only affect the project itself and will not be saved in the general settings, but new products and tags you create will also appear in the general settings.

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Selecting and sorting photos for your designed album

Learn how to filter and sort photos in the most efficient and best way

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Why does an event photographer need a website?

Do you also think that social networking is enough for your advertising? Maybe you should think again ...

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Manage Your gallery Page with Vimeo

Learn how to add and manage your video gallery, content management is done from your Vimeo account.

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Manage your Album Gallery page

Get to know how to add and manage photo albums on your Album Gallery page

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Setting up multiple languages ​​for the site

Use this guide to learn how to set up the default language of your website.

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Manage you Photo Gallery and Categories

Get step-by-step help in managing the photo gallery page How to create categories and how to upload photos.

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WhatsApp widget setting and tips

Discover how to set up the WhatsApp widget on your website and add welcome text to the icon.

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Manage testimonials and promote your business

Explore how to enable the Testimonials page and add your clients' testimonials to your website.

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How to set and update you logo in the site?

Learn how to upload a logo that will look great on the site, what is the correct format and what are the locations of the logo.

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