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Selections: download and re-select options

After the customer has finished selecting the images or at any stage during the selection process, you will have the option to access the selections. Click on "Set Collections" button and choose "Selections" at the top of the opened window. You can view the status of selections and the number of images selected.


There are 3 statuses:

  • Waiting for selection -  the customer did not start to select photos.
  • In Selecting - your client started to select photos but did not finish, so selection is still in process. 
  •  Selection done - the customer finished the selection process and clicked the "Finish Selection" button. From that moment, you can download selected photos.  

How to download selections? 

Expand the details of the selection by clicking on the arrow near the status. 

Click "Open", and you will be automatically transferred to a Google Drive folder, from where you can download photos to your computer. You can also copy the link and send it for further processing, like sending it to the print center. 

You can also open selection details for downloading from the top panel by clicking on the selected collection's name and then - "Download Selections".


How to download selections when a client has not finished? 

If the status is "In Selection," and you want to download the chosen images even though the customer hasn't finished, or you customer forgot to click "Finish Selection," you can click "Create new version". After, a new record for the additional selection will appear, the latest version always displayed at the top of the list. Each record indicates the version number and the date.


There is also an option to download the list of photos your clients selected by clicking on "Download selections list".

Please note: You don't need to create a new version each time. After your clients click "Finish Selection", photos will be automatically transferred to us for further processing, so you just need to ... relax


"My clients want to reselect, what to do? "

Do you have clients who accidentally selected the wrong photo or want to change some of the already selected photos and write to you with a request? Yes? In this case, you can enable selections for a specific collection for them. Just click "Enable selections", and the status will automatically change to "In Selecting".  The customer will receive an email and an SMS notification about the option to change their selection.



Status in the Control Center

You can also view the general selection status of the gallery in the Control Center.