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Selecting and sorting photos for your designed album

How to sort? 

The wedding is over, you have finally received the photos from the memorable event, and you are eager to get your designed album!

No matter which company designs the photo album for you, you will be asked to choose about 10-15 percent from all the photos you received. But how do you sort thousands of photos? Where do you start? Here are some tips and tricks for effective and orderly sorting.

Sorting the photos is very important so that the album is formatted correctly and contains the event correctly. After all, we would not want the groom's aunt to be on the bride's family page or for Grandpa's boyfriend to appear on the album, right? Therefore, dividing the images into categories and filtering the unwanted images is very important.


Which way is best to select and sort the photos?

There are many online systems through which photographers send images with the option to sort and filter. 

Here in Perspective, we created for our lovely clients a specific system for sorting and selecting - Pixelect! This tool provides all the instruments that the photographer and his clients need. 

You can read how to create an order and include this tool here

But if you are not using our system (you lose much), follow our instructions for the most efficient way to sort the images on your desktop. The best way to view, sort, and select images is, of course, to do it on a computer with a large screen.

First of all, make a copy of your raw material on which you can sort and make a mistake, and keep the original material just in case you need it. Before you start choosing photos by topic, you should do a preliminary sorting and download the photos that you probably will not want to see in any collection… such as photos of acquaintances or photos that are not of sufficient quality and so on.

Open the raw material folder on full screen. Click the “View” tab then on "Preview Panel" button and "Large Icons" in the display tab. Select the first image.

Using the keyboard arrows, move from image to image. If you come across a photo you want to delete, press DELETE on the keyboard, and the image will be deleted. 

After you finish, it is time for the real work.

In Perspective, we recommend our clients to use the sorting tables with categories and amount of photos. The following recommended sorting table is for an average album with 30 pages:



Number of photos 




Including meeting photos. If there are preparations for the groom, you can choose an additional 5-7 photos.



Select photos of the bride alone, groom alone, bride and groom together. Combine full-body and half-body shots.



No repetitive items.



2 pages for each side, recommended to separate photos into different folders according to the family sides.



Photos should include the following: chuppah setup, walking to the chuppah, covering the bride, rings, address, cup, mazel tov.

Slow dance


Chose the most beautiful) 



Photos should include dances, tables, portraits, and the end-of-celebration.

Total amount:



To download folders - click here


For sorting to be efficient and fast, we recommend opening two full-screen windows: the raw material folder and the event categories window. 

Enlarge the folders and images by clicking on the display tab and selecting "Large Icons". Make sure the Raw Materials folder has a preview panel open. Arrange the windows according to the example:

Now that you have arranged in this way, you can easily view the images and drag the selected images to the appropriate folder simply and quickly. 

If you are not interested in a specific category or have no pictures, you can skip to the next one and make up for the images in other categories.

- If you are interested in large photos in the album, it is recommended to choose 25% fewer photos than listed.

- Do not select images that look the same.

- Do not choose images with eyes closed only if the subject of the image is really important and has no substitute.

- Do not choose dark/bright pictures only if there is no choice.

We recommend minimizing images so that the design looks more spacious and the photos are larger. Remember, it is about the quality and not the quantity.


Once we understand the sorting principles, here are some tips from our professional team in Perspective to choose the best photos for your wedding album) 


Which is more important, content or quality?

Very important question… Should you put a beautiful image or important content? The truth is that there is no unequivocal answer. Sometimes quality wins, sometimes content. For example, if there is a single image of the grandmother with the bride, but the grandmother's eyes are closed, here the content wins, and we put the image in the album despite her closed eyes. Therefore, judgment must be exercised as to whether the content of the image is necessary or not.

The dilemma phase…

You have 10 pictures that look almost the same… What do you choose ???

It is important to pay attention to details that can invalidate the image like closed eyes, gaze, lighting, and sharpness of the image. If there are several people in the picture, examine all the characters. Sometimes, even if all the pictures look the same at a glance, he feels small differences that make the image a winning one. If you still have some pictures that look the same after an in-depth review with us in Perspective, you can send a few pictures, and we will choose one for you.

Low-resolution images

Sometimes, the photographer sends low-quality photos for viewing only and then, without noticing, chooses from these photos for the album. To avoid working in vain, check the size of the images, and if you do not know how to do it, check with the photographer if the photos are in their original size.


Of course, all these problems with Perspective are not problems at all) Our photographers can freely create their websites, use a control center for creating and managing orders, and send collections for selecting photos to their clients in Pixelect. We are doing everything possible and not possible, so our photographers will need to do nothing but enjoy) 

Do you want to be a part of those photographers who do not have problems?) Just click the button "Contact us" 


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