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Gallery Settings


You can edit the gallery at any time by using the new button located on the customer card. Click on the three dots on the customer card and find "Manage gallery" in the list.


If you've created a gallery not under Perspective Services, you can find the "Manage gallery" button on the customer card. 


Now, click on the "Settings" button appearing in the top right corner.


Gallery Details

In this section, you can find two blocks:

The first block gives you the option to Update the gallery

  • If there is a change in the folder of customer images, such as adding images or a complete change of all photos, and the link remains unchanged, you only need to click the Update Gallery button.
  • If the photos' location has changed, and that is why the link will be different, enter the new link and click Update Gallery.

Please note: If the customer has already started selecting images, updating the gallery will reset the selection with no option to restore it. Selected photos will only be saved if you add new photos to the gallery and the previous images remain unchanged.


The second block - "Project details" is informative. You don't have to enter all the details, only what will help you manage the galleries better in the control center. Changing the details will automatically update the customer's information on the customer card in the control center.


General Settings

Here, you can set settings for the current gallery and save them as default for the next projects.


Default Sorting

You can choose the method of sorting for the gallery. The first images appearing to the customer can be sorted by name or date taken, in ascending or descending order. Click the arrow to change the sorting method.

Enable Download

Turning on this option, I let your customers download full-quality photos. If you turn off this option, it will prevent them from downloading the images.


Enable share gallery 

While this option is turned on, your clients can share the whole gallery, collections you created for them, or specific photos. If you block the gallery-sharing option, you prevent customers from sharing the gallery with family and friends. Additionally, galleries that have already been shared will be blocked.


Enable for the client to design a cover

You can allow the customer to choose the cover image and change captions.


Save as default

To avoid repeating the same action for each new gallery creation, click Save as Default. This way, all these settings will be saved for future projects.


Remove Gallery

You can delete the gallery completely using the Remove Gallery button. Please note that this action cannot be undone.