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Clients tell about perspective

Here you can see reviews from our photographer's customers when they respond to projects we've designed for them.

חוי ושמעון

The service and design are excellent!

אנסטסיה ואשר

Excellent design services! Quick response, quick fixes, detailed explanations about everything... Excellent interface!


A stunning album and everything is perfect, thank you very much!

ענהאל ואביה

The album looks stunning! Many thanks to the editor for the investment and patience. Very much appreciated and looking forward to receiving it!

נופר וגיא

It is very convenient to select photos, make notes, and view the album.

ספיר ודילן

Amazing service. They do the job thoroughly and quickly!

שמחה וברק

You're an amazing team! From the photographers to the editors! I undoubtedly made a perfect choice❤️

איריס ונדב

The barge team , loves you !!!

לין & עדן

Thank you very much quickly, excellent service to my friends!

דוד יהונתן וטליה נח

Good service and kindness thank you very much !!!


Excellent service!

מרים וחנן

Our experience was no less perfect beautiful photos, perfect stunning!

משה ושרון

Good service and very professional!

תומר ויעל

Stunning album, excellent job. We really enjoyed watching the album!

עופר & מור

Beautiful and very fast design!

בר ויונתן

Thank you so much for updating the many and patience versions! Going out as special as we wanted! :)

נופר ודניאל

It is worth noting that the interface is convenient to operate, accessible and easy and so is the media with you. Each correction received the full attention of you and it is evident that it was important to bring to a result that the customer is satisfied!

גילי ועמית

The software is accessible and the design came out really beautiful!

תהילה ויוגב

Everything is very high and professional. The design of the album is amazing. Very satisfied with the service and patience.

מאיה ושחר

Great attitude and great design! Thank you!

אליסף ויעל

We really enjoyed the possibility of writing accurately how to fix the picture without getting involved in explanations, the design really beautiful, the answers that you gave fast, pleasant and charming, thank you so much for everything!

כהן אלמליח

Wow, just perfect, you hit my taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for service and professionalism !! We really enjoyed your professional work and definitely recommend you friends and acquaintances!

נעמה ובר

The service is no less than an excellent, easy to understand and edit, see the good quality, easy to browse and understand what to do and there are guides at every stage that helps navigate and edit.

בנצי והודיה טוויל

It's not about you, you were charming, it's just important to you that we was satisfied, thank you very much!

הילה ואביעד

Perfect album, thank you very much for answering the requests!!

Robert & Sharon

Amazing team of photographers, videographers, album designers. The website is very easy to use. Can't wait to see the final product.

שחר ופינו 7.9.22 הגדלות

Thank you very much, it was perfect thanks to you, the photos are perfect, the service is perfect, an extremely rare team! You are not to blame❤️

דנית ויניב

Stunning album, thanks for everything :)

נעם ויעקב

You guys made us very happy, from the first moment we were happy to see the professionalism, punctuality, and sensitivity to every detail and to us as a couple - thank you again!