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Clients tell about perspective

Here you can see reviews from our photographer's customers when they respond to projects we've designed for them.

עילאי יעקובוביץ בוק בת מצווה

Wow, they are just perfect, thank you very much!!!

קים ושניר

We must say that we are very satisfied with the photos, the quality and the arrangement of the album, can't wait to see the album ready, thank you very much!

עדן ורונן

I wish I could go back there! An amazing team that gave an amazing feeling!

לילי ומשה

Excellent! Very satisfied with your work, thank you very much!

עדן ורונן

There is no doubt that this is our best choice! I wish it was possible again!

הודיה ואורי

The album came out really beautiful and special, we are excited to see it in real life!! Thank you very much :) Uri and Hodia.

אלישבע ויניב

We really liked the album. The availability and patience regarding the repairs was very pleasant. And in the end we got an album that we are really happy with. Thank you. Recommend to everyone.

ספיר וירין

The repair service was very fast, it seems that the album came out stunning.

שרי ונתנאל

Excellent service! A winning team! Recommend non-stop!


Very satisfied with the quality of the photography, and the editing of the album, especially with the amount of changes that can be made.

מיכל ואריה

I really liked the design. The designer was attentive to changes and everything was done quickly and professionally, it was fun to work with them.

שילת ואסף

You are champions, thank you very much for your patience and service.

ליאל וסהר

Wow, a perfect quality album and a pretty and unique design!!!

חנית ונתנאל

Very pleased! Special and exciting design, fun to remember and see our happy day. Thanks for great service.

שני ועדיאל

We liked the album! From the first moment we knew we had someone to trust - there is no doubt that you are number 1! By and large.... you're stuck with us now at the events :) The design turned out like fire!!! Thanks!

אנגדאו ואייצ׳יש

The design of the album turned out incredible and beyond expectations. A huge thank you on our behalf to the photographers and you for making it perfect for us. We are already waiting for it to reach us as soon as possible❤️❤️❤️❤️

ריף מאיר ואייר

Very satisfied with the design, it was convenient and accessible, and everything through the app was more efficient and timely.

לידר ורזיאל

The album looks stunning, and the photos are high quality. Thank you very much.

דניאל וליאל

A team of champions and a stunning album, thank you very much, beloved ones ♥️

משי ועומר

Perfect and unique, the best and most professional team I've ever seen. I enjoyed every moment!

ראובן ושרית

Hi, the album looks perfect. They are designed precisely according to my request. The whole process is convenient and user-friendly. Thank you very much for the excellent service. Sarit and Reuven.

לייה ויאיר

I must say thank you very much for your patience, and it took me a long time to sit down and choose the wedding photos. It was a long time ago... your reminders and your messages were beneficial, and the service is excellent :)

נעם ואיתמר

Alina was simply a champion!! She understood our thoughts, and we completely felt that it was important to her that we be happy. Beyond that, it is recommended to show the couple some other albums, and it helps to be accurate.

Elad & Reut

It was a pleasure working on the proofs for our album. The response to our comments was very quick, and we are ecstatic with the results.

אביטל ועמית

Great interface! And a stunning album with a unique and exciting design and the most non-banal :) Thank you!!

דניאל ואביגיל

Really thank you for the patience and agility in preparing the album.

ספיר ונאור

Thank you very much for everything. Your loyalty and dedication to the customers. Thank you for the help and for answering the phone at every step. Thank you very much.

מאיר ומרים אורה

Thank you so much for the high quality photos and amazing service! We enjoyed with you on the wedding day and beyond!

יובל ונאור

The experience of choosing the photos is very convenient! Thanks to the site, we could finish selecting the photos in time.

קרן ורועי

Very pleased with the speed of the repairs, even though we sent complex repairs. Thank you !