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Management files on Desktop


After years of experience, we recommend our catalog method, which is the most effective approach for work. You are not obligated to use it, but this is our recommendation.

Numerous benefits of this method will enable you to organize storage more quickly or find events based on specific search criteria. 

For example, when you want to search for all events that were held in a particular 'Hall', specify in the search: Show me all the events that were in “Gaia”; or if you want to search for events under a specific month: Show all the events that were on the date '07-2023’.

This working method allows control, order, organization, and efficient and focused handling of all your events.


File management stages:

  1. Download Google Drive for desktop. How to do it is explained here.
  2. Choose your storage folder.

  3. Create a main folder named Events
    Right-click on the folder and select “Share with Google Drive”

    Make sure that anyone who received this link will be able to view

    This is how the folder will be accessible to anyone you shared it with through the link, and you won't need to define access permission each time anew.

  4. Within an events folder, create main year folders

  5. Under each year folder, create 12-month folders in a 2-digit format

    Each month's folder will contain the events taken in that month under that year.
  6. The event folder - the name of the event folder should be according to the following format:
    - The date of the event - will include a two-digit month and day and a full year. Between them, there is a separation of a middle line
    - The names of the couple
    - The name of the place
    - The type of event

    Where an underscore separates each topic
    date_names of the couple_name of the place_type of the event

Advantages of using this folder cataloging method:

  • Separation on the bottom line
    When there is a separation of the bottom line, there is a clear division between the subjects. Therefore, when we look for a certain event, we can find it easily.
  • Date
    We start from a date because the chronological order of the folders is preserved from the oldest event shown at the top of the list to the newest event at the bottom. If we start the folder names with another category, the chronological order will not be preserved.

    The use of two digits is also intended to maintain a fixed format that helps us see all the events easily, folder by folder.

The division into sub-folders for each event

You can make the client's gallery for selecting images even more convenient and, in general, allow the client to access the image database easily.

Maintaining uniformity and division into categories is also recommended -  start with the folder number and add the category name.