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Why does an event photographer need a website?

"My Instagram Account is enough…"
"I send customers to Facebook…"
"I don't need a website. I close deals on the phone..."

Are you familiar with these sentences?

Since social media has taken over our lives, there is a feeling that if you are not there, you don't exist. You have to admit, it's true.
After all, relying on a Facebook page or word of mouth is much simpler than building your own website, which can be a complicated and time-consuming process. It can also cost quite a bit of money.

And now we have a question for you…

A couple who wants to get married needs to choose between two photographers with excellent Instagram accounts and thousands of followers on Facebook. But one of them has excelled, revealing his website where he invites the couple to learn more about his business and the services he offers.
Who do you think has the advantage of closing a deal?

Sometimes social media can do more harm than good.

What will a potential customer think if he sees that your last post was two months ago? Before starting such a page, you should remember that inactivity, low followers, and lack of likes and shares make a wrong impression on new customers.
A personal website is a convenient way to show your portfolio how you want it to appear.

An online portfolio allows you to quickly present your potential clients:
- skills
- experience
- knowledge
- particular style
- character
- brand
Everyone can easily find your website and get an idea of the services and expertise you offer.

Let your site work for you!

What a headache is marketing? Constantly maintaining your page, paying a lot of money for advertising and ads. Spending too much time when all you want is to shoot pictures and do art.
Social media has become a "pay-to-play" place for business. Everything you see on social media is advertising!

However, after the initial investment and the addition of content on your own website, the site will always be present in the first search results. Clients can find out about you and your work while you sleep.

We don't deny the existence and importance of social media. We are also active on social media. But you have to understand that social media is your tool by which people can get into your content kingdom.

Wait a second... But we've said that building a website is a cumbersome process that costs a lot of money and a time-consuming process...

Well… Not exactly.

Today, there are many platforms for creating personal websites that are simple and easy. Some of them are even free!
The problem is that you need to put content on them, which is not always easy to create. Also, most of them have not been explicitly adapted to the needs of the event photographer.

That’s why we, in Perspective team, decided to stop this and give photographers an equal opportunity to do what they love: photography.

With a button click, you get a site with ready-made content in various languages, designed with our images until you’ll replace them with your own. You can edit the site and all the content simply, without previous knowledge.

Everything an event photographer needs in one place:
- Connection to all social media
- Photo gallery and video gallery
- Suitable for 3 different languages
- And lots of other features you can check out for yourself!

Well... what's the catch?

We give a free website to every photographer because it's the best way to meet more photographers who might want to get additional services from us and contribute to the advancement of the photography industry.

Don't believe us? Come and try it and see for yourself...