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Your passion is photography, ours is technology.
This essay created Perspective, A special platform for photographers
that allows you to concentrate on what you do best (to photograph…)

And we offer you a set of advanced tools so that each image comes out
exactly as you thought when you gently adjusted the zoom.

For us, a photographer is an artist, he does not have to deal with post-production
but to be creative, focused and sharp - just like his pictures.

We'll do the hard work for you, you'll focus on what you do best, fair deal, no?

Feel free to use the tool set we have developed for you,
we are here to free you time for your creation and business.
Let us show you how we can make A PHOTOGRAPHER’S LIFE EASIER.



  • A personal approach to your specific photo editing needs and instructions (basic retouching).

  • High End photo retouching.

  • Fine art retouching (or Artistic photo manipulation).


Image processing and album design

Photobook design

  • Custom layout examples designed for you by a team of designers.

  • Artistic and unique photo book designs (providing print and digital versions).

  • Album design and magazine album for wedding photographer and event photographer.


Photobooks design, photobook designer, design service

Graphic design

  • We provide all types of design and printing services: posters, calendars, business cards, brochures, invitations.

  • Photo restoration (repairs, colorizations of black and white images).


Photo art, album designed section, album design

With our system

Perspective Client Services

An operating system for cooperating with clients.

Perspective Control Center


The control center for managing all orders, storing, approving and transferring photographs.

A personal website for each client of the event photographer

Personal website

A personal website branded with your name for each of the client's events.


Approval system for the photobook


Editing became quick and easy.

Perspective has provided album design and photo process services
to wedding and event photographers since 2005.

Our service experiences are unique; we emphasize marketing your business during the service process we provide to your client. The service experience is powerful, and your visibility to your customer is very advanced and innovative.

How does this whole fantastic process happen?

It's simple to create an order, something that takes about 10 seconds in the system we developed.

And from this moment, you lean back, and we do the rest of the work.

The system will send your customer via SMS and email a branded personal website with a design questionnaire with a gallery of stunning designs.

The system will also send customers reminders to choose photos and designs.

After receiving photos and choosing the design, we start working.

Within a few days, your customer receives an album for viewing and approval.

The customer can see the album designed in a three-dimensional interface when each page comes with a number on each photo to make notes.

After he has approved the album designed for printing, the album goes to the print preparation department, where we process the photos in terms of color balance and lighting and even retouch the large photos as needed.

From there, the designed album will be sent directly to the printing house of your choice, and even if you want, we can print the album for you and send it to the customer's home for free.

And all this is done in a control center system, where you can track all your projects, and each project has a status and due date. So you get current information 24/7 about all your work.

And that's not all, we promised marketing, didn't we?

All the communication channels with your customers are with your brand and logo. Your customers also can share their opinions on social media, and so can you.

We present the album to your client process in a three-dimensional presentation with musical accompaniment that you and he can share... 

And something sweet...

You can show your new customers the beautiful albums we will design for you and the rest of your creations on your website that we give you free of charge. By the way, You can also use it as a digital business card.

And most importantly, although you receive service and speak only to your designer, in perspective, many people are working in the background every day of the week to provide continuous service. It means that if there are corrections on one album, it does not delay another album, or if your designer went on vacation, there is another one in place.

And for dessert - that you will always be fresh and new, we refresh the design examples for you at no extra charge once a year