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Cover View and Settings

Edit / Preview modes 

On the top menu, you can find a few buttons. Edit/Preview allows you to switch between modes. When "Edit" is activated, you can change the gallery view and settings and manage collections. 

Clicking on "Preview" allows you to experience how clients will see the gallery and how it will appear on a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It is not necessary to configure the display on every device, but we recommend that you do so because the gallery view enhances the viewing experience for the customer, serving as a virtual business card. Settings take only 3 minutes.


Cover Settings


You can enter the desired title, such as the couple's names, and a subtitle like the event date, type, or some beautiful phrase. 

While entering text, a small help tool window will appear, where you can change the font and make the text bold or underlined. 

Also, it is possible to change text design by clicking on the button "Customise text". 

Here, you can find options to align text and choose place and color. In the color window, you are able to change color not only for text but also for background.  


Cover image 

Setting a cover image can be done in a few ways:

1. Choose a photo from your computer and drag & drop it to the cover field.

2. Click the "Set Cover" button and choose the "Upload Photo" option. 

3. Hover the desired image in the gallery and click the "Set as cover" button.


Cover size

You can change the size of the cover by clicking "Photo cover size", there will be three options: small, medium, and big. 


Photo focal

This button allows you to choose a part of the cover photo that will be displayed. You just need to move the focal icon. 


Delete cover 

Of course, at any time, you can delete the cover photo by clicking the "Delete Photo" button or just find another photo you like and set it as a cover. 


Under the cover image, you can find 3 useful features:

- Search - enter a number, press ENTER, or click on the magnifying glass. Even if you do not remember a full name, you can enter a part, and the system will show you all the photos that contain that part. 

- Scale - gives you an option to change the size of photos in the gallery, make them bigger or smaller. 

- Sort by - accessible sorting settings by name and date taken, from newest to latest or otherwise.  


Please note that you can give your customers an option to design cover by themselves. Go to "Settings" then "General Settings" and activate the option "Enable for the client to design cover".