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Setting up multiple languages ​​for the site

Having a multilingual site is vital if you have or would like to have clients worldwide. 

The language in which your site is displayed to visitors depends on the default language you choose in Site Settings. You are also free to add other languages to your website.

Currently, we support these languages:

  • English
  • Hebrew

A default language is the language of site editing (like navigation panel, guide texts) and the built-in text that visitors see. To choose the default language:

  1. Go to Site Settings and choose Language category.
  2. Click on the slider of a language that you want to define as a default.

You can activate other languages on your website by clicking on sliders on the exact same page in Site Settings. Make sure to prepare translated versions of the content for every chosen language.  

If you want to share a link to your website with a client in another language (that is not set by default):

  • Change the desired language of your site in the top menu.
  • Go to the page you want to share.
  • Copy the page link and share.