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After creating a gallery, you'll want to share it with your client. How to do it?  

First, if you forgot how to open your gallery, here is a short instruction

You can manage the gallery at any time by using the new button located on the customer card. Click on the three dots on the customer card and find  "Manage gallery" in the list. 

If you've created a gallery not under Perspective Services, you can find the "Manage gallery" button on the customer card. 


Come back to sharing)


If you have just created a gallery, after all photos are uploaded, you will see a window with options to share and open settings in the bottom right corner. These buttons are the same as at the top menu. 

So click on the "Share" button. 

Please note: Before sharing, instruct the client to keep the gallery link private from others to ensure that they will make selections. If they want to share their photos with family and friends, they can do so through the sharing option in their gallery, but not using this link you gave them. 


In the opened window, you have different options to share the gallery:

1. You can just copy a link by clicking on the "Copy" button and send it to your client 


2. You can enter the client's email and mobile number (both or one of the details), and they will get a link to your gallery. 

Moreover, there is an option to set the password to the gallery. Just enable it and enter a password in the field. And don't forget to share it with your client)


Also, you can block the gallery instead of deleting it to limit access for the client temporarily. Enable the "Disable Gallery" option for this. 

If you've set the details in the settings, the email and mobile number will be entered in the fields when sharing. When you enter or delete the details through the share window, they will be updated in the project details settings. All this information will be added to the client's card in the control center, allowing you to identify and associate the gallery.