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Create a gallery

Photographers, we've created the option of creating galleries for you, and now it's much easier to allow your customers to select photos all in one place, under your control center.

Creating a gallery will enable your customers to easily choose photos for various products such as posters, magnets, invitations, album covers, and more. All you need to do to make everything work smoothly and simply is to manage the storage and sharing of your events using Google Drive. Click here for a detailed explanation. 

Creating a gallery stage: 

First of all, click on "Create project" button.

Then, you will be asked to choose the type of service you want. Here, you need to click on “Gallery”.

You will be transferred  to creating a gallery page, the page that will simplify your working process. From now you don't need to upload/download anything - just add a link to the folder from your Google Drive. There are two options how to do it: 

  • copy/paste - you can open your folder with the event in another tab and copy the link, then insert it in the field "Connect to Google Drive link" 

  • click on "Sign in with Google," and after authorization, simply find and select the folder

Note that your folder should be shared with others. If not, you will get a notification that access to this folder is restricted, you need to change settings and come back again. 

Congratulations! You have successfully created a gallery to choose photos for your client.

The gallery is for viewing only. Click here to learn how to associate collections with the gallery. To send the gallery to your customer via SMS and email, click the "Share" button located at the top left.

Do you want to create a gallery for collections under Perspective's services? Click here for more information.