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Tags and Collections Management

In addition to our standard services (such as album design), your customers can select images for personal collections, such as posters, magnets, invitations, album covers, and more.

You can also create tags and assign them to different collections. We recommend setting up products and tags once to avoid additional settings for each new order.

How can you do that? 

Click on the three dots on the customer card and find  "Manage gallery" in the list. 

If you've created a gallery not under Perspective Services, you can find the "Manage gallery" button on the customer card. 


Collections Management

In the top-left corner, you can find the button "Set collections" click on it. 

This button will open for you a new window with the tab "Set Collections and Tags". 

You can create and define personal collections in addition to Perspective services. Please note: A collection under Perspective Services is a fixed collection that can not be edited. To create a new product, click on "+New".


Write the name of the new collection, for example: Posters. You can also write a brief description or leave it empty.

Set selection limit

Define whether this product has a selection limit for the number of photos. This means that the customer can not choose more photos than the limit defined for this product. For example, if your product is printed posters and you want to limit your clients, enable "Set selection limit" and write the number. If you don't select this option, the customer can choose an unlimited number of photos.

Enable multiple tagging

If you enable this option, the customer can tag the same image with multiple tags under the selected collection. For example, under the Posters collection, tags like "80x30" and "60x40" will appear. The customer can choose a photo and tag it with both "80x30" and "60x40" tags if they want the same photo in two different sizes.

Enable multiple selection

This option allows the customer to select an image multiple times. For example, if the customer wants to print the same image multiple times.


Save setting as default for new projects

You can add and change the collection only for one gallery, but also save these settings as the default for future projects by putting a tick near "Save setting as default for new projects"

Click the Save button to save and add the new collection to your list of collections. The collection you define will automatically be added to the gallery collections.


You can always remove/add a collection from the gallery by clicking on "-" / "+" buttons



and edit any collection by clicking on the pencil button.



Also, you can delete a collection by clicking on the trash bin (bit for this first remove collection from the gallery) 



Please note: Deleting a collection will cancel the customer's selection if they have already chosen images under that collection. However, this action will not affect galleries for other customers.


Tags Management 

The role of tags is to allow the customer to mark images with specific tags for the same product they are choosing photos for. For example, if the customer is currently selecting photos for an album design, they can tag family photos for the groom's side and the bride's side. 

You can use tags for many other purposes, such as sharing, defining sizes for a specific product, and more, depending on your needs.

When you download the selected images, the structure of the original folders will be preserved. However, the photos marked with tags will appear in new folders with tag names. For example, if the main folder is "Families," and you add the option to tag "Groom's Side" and "Bride's Side," when you download the selected photos, all family photos will appear in a folder named "Families" + there will be subfolders "Groom's Side" and "Bride's Side."

To create a new tag, click on "+ New"


Write the name of the tag and click 'Save".

You can add/remove any tag you've created by clicking on the "+" / "-" and edit using pencil button (as with collections) 

Please note: Deleting a tag will cancel the customer's tagging if they have tagged images in the gallery. However, this action will not affect the tagging of galleries for other customers.

Select the relevant collection, and by clicking the "+", assign the tag to that collection (selected collection will be of light red color and under “Tags” it will be written “Mark tags for COLLECTION”) 


After adding tags to the collection, you can save this choice by clicking on "Save as default", and these tags will be already marked to that specific collection in new projects, so you will not need to add them each time.