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How to set and update your logo in the site?

So, logo.

The logo is a lot of things, but first and foremost, it's your strategic business tool. It creates a powerful hook, helping visitors remember your site and its message.

For the best display:

  • Choose a logo to contrast with the navigation panel;
  • Make sure to select an image with a resolution of 60×160 px;
  • Enlarge the logo image as much as possible in the available image space so that the icon is clearly displayed. Consider leaving a space of 2 pixels around the logo;
  • Upload an image in .png format with a transparent background so the logo will look its best.

Take a quick look at an example:

To change the default logo to your logo, select one of the options:

  • While you are in Edit Mode, click on the logo itself in the top-left corner of your site and select an image from your computer. 
  • Drag the image directly to the logo image area in the upper-left corner
How to insert a logo to my private site

Tip: To make your logo look perfect, you can cut it directly on the site after uploading.