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Creating gallery with Perspective Service

Photographers, there is nothing easier than to transfer orders to us and allow your customers to choose photos in one place. All you need to do to make everything work smoothly and simply is to manage the storage and sharing of your events through Google Drive. Click here for a detailed explanation. 

Creating an order 

First of all, click on "Create project" button.

Then, you will be asked to choose the type of service you want. Don't worry, you can also change it after.

We added an option to choose extra service in case you want a VIP album or need the album to be done faster. 

The next step is to choose who will fill in the design details like style, decorations, Instagram filters, additional decorations, and more.

Every step you take to create orders remains almost the same. 

Please note that if you click on "I fill the design details" you can find choose how to transfer photos after clicking on "Share my client"

Here you will find some important fields:

  • amount of photos your clients will be able to choose (you can send them thousands of photos but here you should mark exactly how much the album will include)
  • transfer method:
  • and will the photos your client chose come directly to us so we will start to work (mark "Yes") or do you want to check their choice or edit some photos by yourself before (mark "No")

After clicking "Save" you will see the order summary (you can also edit if something is wrong from here), and if everything is correct - just click "Create gallery". 


Creating gallery 

Welcome to creating a gallery page, the page that will simplify your working process. From now you don't need to upload/download anything - just add a link to the folder from your Google Drive. There are two options how to do it: 

  • click on "Sign in with Google," and after authorization, simply find and select the folder

  • copy/paste - you can open your folder with the event in another tab and copy the link, then insert it in the field "Connect to Google Drive link" 

Note that your folder should be shared with others. If not, you will get a notification that access to this folder is restricted, you need to change settings and come back again.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a gallery to choose photos for your client.

Your client will receive an SMS and an email with a link to the photo selection gallery. The gallery is also suitable for mobile. After the customer has finished selecting the photos, the selection will be sent directly to us without uploading the files. And you can have peace of mind!

Please note: You can also create a gallery for an existing order. If you have a previous order that you didn't create a gallery for, you can update it at any time, even after completing all the details.

Click on the three dots on the customer's card > Manage Gallery > Add the link to the photo selection folder from Google Drive.

Do you want to add to this gallery additional options except for album, like magnets or posters, or create a gallery with additional products unrelated to Perspective Services? Click here for more information.