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Position yourself as an expert using our advanced technology

Control center for full control

You no longer have to ask “when will the order be ready?”. You’ll be able to see all information regarding orders, the work status and track the state of your business with just one click. 

PERSPECTIVE Digital-Service is:  

  • Unlimited cloud storage for all projects.
  • Control over expenses.
  • Tracking every order status and deadline.
  • The order analysis with a single click.
  • The multilingual system for your clients with an automatic and customizable notification system.
  • Online chat.
  • Offline chat - if your client is offline, SMS or an e-mail notification will be sent.
  • Individual settings for your client’s personal website.

Promote a Personal Brand 

Your portfolio is your best promoter. 

The more often your name catches the eye of potential clients, the more chances you have to be contacted. 

Our service provides a distinctive bonus - to add a logo/name to the interface’s design for clients. This is a great way to demonstrate your style and identity. 

Both you and your client can share ready-made projects on social media - which greatly increases additional advertising. 

Also, customize the interface for clients according to your brand book and preferences. Provide clients with new technological capabilities while maintaining your unique style!

Personal website for each client

Every client is special, highlight their individuality. How? Just send them a link to their personal website, which contains:

  • A convenient and understandable format of the order.
  • Instructions for selecting photos by the type of event, the number of files and the selected service.
  • A self-service system that enables your clients to download files.
  • Integration with other platforms for sending files.
  • Online chat.
  • Responsive design for all devices including a mobile version.
  • The ability to share finished projects on social media.
  • Contact information.

And most importantly - it eliminates unnecessary calls and meetings since both sides receive and provide each other with all they need.

Image of users with notebook


Image of desktop computer with website on the screen

We have created a user-friendly viewing mode for your client’s completed order. Our system provides an interactive way of viewing final layout pages which is simple and easy to use. The main advantages of the system are:

  • A 3D album viewing for a real picture of the finished photo book.
  • The possibility to compare photos before and after retouching.
  • The availability to view comments regarding editing of each file.
  • The option to set notifications.
  • A full history of edits made to each file and photo book version.
  • Comparison of files between edits.
  • Notifications for your clients via SMS/e-mail about the status of their order.